High Output Solar Spot Light

High Output Solar Spot Light


Light up your house, business, signs, trees or pretty much any feature with this super high-output solar spot light. This is by far the brightest solar spot light we have tested. Included is a 1/2" Heavy Duty PVC stake to secure the light into the ground.

Our optional wall mount allows you to mount this light on the side of any building, overhang, or deck.

This unit is 100% wireless and easy to install. Simply stick it into the ground in an area of your yard that receives sufficient daytime sunlight, point it where you want and you're done! Perfect for any type of landscape lighting!

Brightness: 125 Lumens
Color: 5700K Cool White
Operating Time: 8-10 Hours
Measurements: Height: 10" X 8"
1X Light
1X Solar Panel
1X Yard Stake
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

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