Colt M4 On Duty Spring Airsoft Rifle Kit, Black FREE SHIPPING

Colt M4 On Duty Spring Airsoft Rifle Kit, Black FREE SHIPPING


Colt has put together a high quality starter kit perfect for those interested in airsoft or for introducing younger players to the sport of airsoft. To start out this kit, Colt has included a spring powered M4 RIS rifle constructed from a durable polymer for a lightweight, yet reliable, build. 20mm picatinny rail sections along the top of the rifle and the quad-sided handguard are perfect for the addition of tactical accessories such as optic sights, lasers, flashlights, or foregrips. COLT has included a vertical grip to go along with this M4 replica to provide maximum grip and support in all battle conditions. Players can utilize the adjustable crane stock to alter the overall length of the rifle for enhanced maneuverability in CQB situations. You're going to need a sidearm to top off your airsoft arsenal, and for that Colt has included a spring powered 1911 pistol along with the M4. The spring power source of both these air soft guns means that you will achieve the same performance in all weather conditions, while eliminating the need to worry about a charged battery. This 1911 replica is also constructed from a rugged lightweight polymer so you are not weighed down when carrying your sidearm. Front and rear sights on both airsoft guns allow players to quickly and accurately zero in their targets without the need of an additional optic accessory. An integrated 20mm picatinny rail section on the underside of this 1911 pistol fits most tactical accessories including laser sights and flashlights. The ergonomically designed pistol grip offers maximum grip in all weather conditions. Run onto the battlefield confident you have everything you need to come out on top.


Kit Includes Colt M4 RIS Spring Airsoft Rifle & Colt 1911 Spring Airsoft Pistol
Colt M4 RIS Spring Airsoft Rifle
Color: Black
300 FPS (0.20g BB)
Magazine: 300rd
Spring Powered
Durable Polymer Construction
Adjustable Crane Stock
Fixed Front and Rear Sights
Vertical Grip Included
RIS Top Rail & Quad-sided Handguard
Integrated Carrying Handle
Safe / Single Shot
Colt 1911 Spring Airsoft Pistol
Color: Black
210 FPS (0.20g BB)
Magazine: 12rd
Durable Polymer Construction
Ergonomic Grip panels
Included Laser Sight
Ergonomic Pistol Grip
Front and Rear Sights
Safe / Single Shot

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