30-06 Bullet Sword Hanger

30-06 Bullet Sword Hanger


This 30-06 Bullet Sword Hanger is of all metal construction. Tip of bullet is copper finish. These wall mounts with a realistic bullet shape combined with the pewter finish are excellent decorations to compliment any item you choose to hang and, will add taste to any knife collection, sword display or gun display. Along with hanging medieval swords, axes, knives, or firearms this makes an excellent homemaker’s gift for hanging medieval décor, a collector’s gift, gift for sword/knife enthusiasts, and makes an excellent stocking-stuffer holiday gift.


Height: 4.25 inches

Width: 1.5 inches

Solid and durable bullet sword hangar made from cast metal and topped with a pewter finish this wall mount will be sure to hold strong over time and for various items

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