Loud Lock Padlock with Alarm

Loud Lock Padlock with Alarm


If you tamper with the LOUD LOCK, everyone will hear about it!

The LOUD LOCK is a hardened steel padlock with a built-in vibration sensor. If the lock is tampered with it will emit an ear-piercing 115db alarm to scare off a would-be thief and alert those nearby. After sounding the alarm will reset automatically, ready in case of additional tampering. The LOUD LOCK can also be used as a standard padlock (without the alarm). Three keys are included in case several people need access to the protected item or a key is lost.


Ear-piercing 115dB Alarm
Hardened Steel Shackle
Vibration Sensor
Can be used without Alarm
Weather Proof
Batteries Included
One Year Warranty


Loud Lock Padlock with Alarm
Three Keys
3 LR44 batteries

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